Sunday, January 31, 2010

a decade into the new millenia.

Well it's January 31, 2010. It's been almost 10 years since I graduated high school, quit post secondary, almost married the wrong guy, and met my prince charming...on I've been to a few weddings, attended a few funerals, and have congratulated dozens of women on becoming new moms (I've even birthed a few babies myself).

I smoked a few drugs, drank too much at parties, and thought I was a grown up at 20 only to find out how much of a child I was when my own was born. I've made some friends and lost a few. I reconnected with my mother while losing touch with my father (until recently). I've amended my beliefs a million times over according to my experiences from Catholic to Wiccan, to New Age Science and finally Carrianity (check my one and only religious post), and have been called crazy, damned, blasphemous, brilliant, freak, and weird in the process.

I went from having a gecko, four guinea pigs and a dog (and always on the lookout for new animals) to a household free of pets entirely. I've been the optimist and the pessimist the realist and the idealist. Now I am a mother and I know only one real truth, ten years ago I didn't know a damned thing, and ten years from now I'll look back and think that at 26...I didn't know a damned thing.

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