Thursday, January 21, 2010


My little nephew was born on Wednesday, January the 20th, 2010. He is 7lbs 2oz and is a good mix of my brother and his wife Mandy. She was induced due to high blood pressure at 37 weeks. Thanks to the power of induction meds and pain killers she had a painless and record breaking short labour. In fact a part of me can't help but be jealous. I wish I had a three hour labour with an epidural that worked. And on top of all that she pushed for 25 minutes and delivered him with need for only one stitch afterwards. I have decided she isn't human. And while on the subject of short labours my friend Alena gave birth one year ago on January 20th with a short six hour labour. I'm thinking its the date! All I know is that people like Mandy and Alena...they can bite me and my back labouring, vagina tearing, screaming at my husband, all day labouring, morphine shot up ass. ;)

Anyway, now that I have that rant out of my system I have to say that my nephew is such a little cutie and looks so much like his daddy (so far)! I can't wait for March and the mini family reunion when I can hold him! I'm so excited to see him and my cousins baby, Gage! So many babies..kinda makes me want another one...but then I remember my labours and births and think...ahh maybe not...and really...I still have a baby of my own don't I?!

Well my little Aidenator, welcome to the world, and if your birth is any indication of how life will be for you, then I don't really have to wish you luck!

Love you sweetheart!


alena-griffiths said...

I guess January 20th is the day to do it!!

And it was six hours of labour, drug-free.. just thought I'd mention that hahaha... ;)


carrie said...

Yes, i think every woman whose had a normal birth would hate you, just a little. LOL.

alena-griffiths said...

lol I know. That's why I fear when preggo women ask me about birth and stuff.. I'm not a good one to judge it by!

Anonymous said...

Your little nephew is a precious little dude! Can't wait for March!!