Monday, January 11, 2010

Nap time. Pft.

Gabe usually gets his nap five hours after waking up, then he sleeps for three 'blessed' hours, but for the past week he has thrown that routine right out the window. He doesn't nap anymore. It's so irritating considering it's the only time I really get to just veg out while on the computer or watching TV. It would be different if he had just shortened his nap time to an hour and a half but he has dropped it all together. He runs around his room, looks out the window, talks to himself, or daydreams, he doesn't sleep anymore. I leave him for about an hour before giving up and letting him up. Normally I would wait him out but now hes into the habit of pooping while hes supposed to be napping, and I can't leave him in poop. Ive tried changing the diaper and putting him back to bed but again he just runs around screaming, laughing and playing, apparently oblivious to my need for "me" time. I know it was inevitable that the kids would drop all naps eventually, but to do it so soon?! Why don't my kids sleep?!!!!

Today we followed the same routine as normal and he went down for his nap at 12 o clock. It is now 1230 and while hes not running around I can hear him flicking the door stop...over and over and over. BRRRRIIIIIINNNNNGGGG, BBBBBRRRRRIIIIINNNNNNGGG, BBBRRRIIIIIINNNNGGGG!" Now the question is "Did he poop?" or "is he just being difficult?" Nap times...once the best part of my now (as with all things that used to be mine)...disappearing.

Go To Sleep!!!!


Anonymous said...

Might just be a stage baby...he might go into a growth spurt and need that nap again. Hang in there. Take it from're going to miss these days..they're gone all too fast.


Jess said...

I don't envy you right now! I need nap time, even though they don't really sleep at the same time.
I hope it's just a phase.