Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

The past couple of days have been really nice with the family. We have eased into the New Year beautifully. Gabe has been behaving exceptionally well, Edie is becoming more and more of a unique little person, Scott is still my go-to person, and I'm still loving my role as wife and mother. I was thinking about our little family today and how happy we all are and I know this isn't the norm for most people. I for one never grew up in a family where people genuinely liked to be around one another and neither did Scott; so I think both of us were looking for that, and ultimately we have managed to create quite a nice little household. I'm not saying we never fight, or have disagreements, or get on each others nerves (a rolled up jacket continuously placed on the counter instead of hung in the closet springs to mind) but, all-in-all, we truly love one another.

One of the kids favourite things to do as a family is the end of the night get together in one of their rooms, usually Gabe's. We play with some toys or read books, or Edie and I watch amused as Daddy and Gabe wrestle. When the night winds down we find ourselves snuggled together on the floor; Gabe's blanket pressed against his face, Edie pressed to my chest, Scott snuggling us all, content for a moment to just be. Then Gabe (always the first to break up the family love fest) ends the night with a whine and a yawn. Scott ushers Gabe to his bed while I gather Edie, and as I walk down the hall heading towards the main room I can hear Scott reading a book and then with a whisper "good night buddy", a squeaky door is shut and the night (at least for one member of our brood) comes to a close.
What better life is there than that?

Happy New Year!

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Jess said...

OMG, she's getting so cute. It's funny, I was thinking too about how complete it is now, and on the bright side, I think we both have the hang of two kids.
Happy new year!