Thursday, January 28, 2010

Snot, everywhere!

Both my kids are sick with a cold that was passed from Breast surgeon, to me, to them. Damn you breast surgeon "just allergies" my ass! Now Poor little Edie sounds like Darth Vader who occasionally can't figure out how his ventilation system works. Breathe through your mouth Darth... And poor Gabe wipes his nose with his hand which spreads the stringy goop to his eyebrows, or forehead, or hair and boy that's an attractive look! When I do attempt to get him to blow into a handkerchief he blows out through the mouth...which isn't very effective... And then there's me, who was over the cold in a day! But now has a headache from the tears, sniffles, gasps, and new clingy attitudes of my kidlets. The only part of the day both kids enjoyed was their bath, probably because it helped with their congestion.

Well Gabe, you seem to be handling this cold in stride as you do with many things, and Edie, congratulations on your first is a doozy!

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Jess said...

Nothing sadder than sick babies, but two. Hope you're resting when you can.