Thursday, February 4, 2010

It's not Spring?!?

It's such a beautiful day out I would swear it was April or May. I can't believe that February is so warm. Whether this is a good thing or bad thing depends on which expert you ask, but regardless my kids and I decided to go out and enjoy ourselves. We walked the round about way to the YMCA to get a schedule so I can take the kiddies to a kindergym once or twice a week. I think Gabe needs to be out and socializing with other children his age and Im sure Edie would just enjoy all the activity around her! The next held Kindergym is tomorrow for a 4 dollar admission! So maybe we wont go twice a week...

On our way to the YMCA Gabe asked about almost everything he saw.
"Dash dis?" (whats this)
"It's a tree!"
"A wee"! he responds.
"Yes, buddy a TUH REE".
"Dash Dis"?
"It's grass. It's a rock, a pine cone, a snail, some garbage, a fence, someone's shoe, a bird, a car, a van, a truck, the sky, the sidewalk"...Well you get the idea.

Then suddenly there was a loud noise (there's a lot of contruction in our little neighbourhood) and Gabe screams "BAH BAT".

Im thinking...what? Then I see what he's pointing at and start laughing, "Yes, Bud! It's a Bob CAH TAH. Bobcat".

We must see three more on the walk and each elicits the same response "BAH BAT". Then he insists on trying to follow them. I put the brake on Edie's stroller more times than I can count in a very well practised routine of "GABE, Stay off the road!!" as he runs wildly towards Bobcats, and heavy machinery in general. With my machine obsessed, little man, it's good to stay on one's toes, as you never know when you'll have to push off of them in a dead sprint to save him from being squished by oncoming traffic...

The walk was informative (I did get a brochure for what the YMCA offers) and it was also kinda of terrifying. I love you, Gabriel, but you will definetly give me my first grey hairs.

And Edie, whose rarely mentioned in our outdoor excursions because walks always put you to sleep...what is there to report? Nothing but my undying gratitude!


Jess said...

He'll love it! The CRA here has their gym set up toddlerized. It's pretty cool. Too bad you guys weren't closer, it'd be sweet to connect, but at least we have our online lives. Lol.

carrie said...

Thats true. Seems to be the only adult life I live LOL! Oh well, maybe i'll hit it off with a mom at the gym!