Thursday, January 14, 2010

Eden from Sweden

My little Swede has been quite a handful lately, even more than usual. She has grasped the concept of toys, and cries bloody murder if one gets taken from her (don't look at me...Gabriel's the culprit). Now normally he trades her one toy for another but lately she has decided that she doesn't want any old toy, she wants the ones which Gabriel loves the most, she wants his cars. Well in Gabriel's mind that not going to fly in any sort of form. She can have anything else. ANYTHING. His stuffed animals, his bottles, his blanket, his books, every piece of Tupperware known to man, he even attempts to share his juice with her, and you would think that would be enough. Nope. She wants what he refuses to give, she wants his beautiful "duhks". She reaches, dives, and attempts to snatch directly from his hand, any toy car which is within her immediate vicinity.

Her biggest heists always occur when Gabe and I are playing cars together and hes not paying attention to the ones which aren't being physically manipulated. Gabe gets so frustrated when our game is interrupted because she has picked up a parked car to chew on, and she gets so mad when he takes his car and puts it back where it belongs. This game of ineffective (he never puts the car far enough from her) 'keep away' gets old real fast and I always end up with someone in tears. Poor Edie just wants to mimic her big brother in everything he does, and poor Gabe is slowly losing ownership over his space and his things. I'm not sure whats going to happen when she can move around on her own accord, but if these 'keep away' games are any indication, its not going to be pretty. Ah little one, just don't touch his cars and all will be right with the world...but that's not going to happen is it?


Jess said...

This is exactly the same thing I'm going through with mine!! The younger one loves and looks up to the older, curiously, yet the older is busy imagining and playing with something, and doesn't want it snatched away over and over. How annoying, and sad. I see it from both of their little views.
One day they'll understand the concept of sharing, even if it gives us more challenges beforehand.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe how big and independant they are both getting! Where has the time gone?