Thursday, May 6, 2010


June will be here before I know it and Scott will be gone for two whole weeks helping with traffic at the G20 Summit. The thought of handling the kids for two weeks completely alone is a scary thought. My mom is going to visit for a few days but its not enough. I need Scott. I need adult conversation everyday! Oh I'm dreading it. And what a crappy time to be gone for. The dates hes gone happen to fall a month before our wedding, directly on Edie's birthday, and right around the 18week ultrasound. I understand hes trying to make us a little extra cash and that extra money will definitely be nice (especially since I have to buy a second wedding dress) but I'm going to miss him. Sigh. Plain and simple. I'm going to miss my Scott.

No doubt by the time he gets back Edie will be toddling all over the place. She has begun to pull herself up on everything she possibly can and is starting to walk around the furniture. Gabe tries to help her get down when she gets stuck by grabbing her legs...which does not turn out at all as he plans and they both usually end up hurt or entangled. Poor little Gabe always trying to be Edie's constant guardian and and instead becomes her torturer.

I wish he talked a little more so I could be privy to a peak inside that busy little mind but he's still fairly limited in his speech. Right now we are on a wait list to see a specialist so hopefully they can tell us if hes speech delayed or not.

The next few months are going to be interesting and some of it I'm really not looking forward to.


Jess said...

Let's hope it goes by fast, as time always seems to. Don't stress out too much or you're going to break out. Eat healthy, and get as much rest as you can. Let the kids play in their p.j.s all day, who cares.
You're going to be fine.

carrie said...

Oh man, breaking out has already occured. I feel like a prepubescent teenager! I really hope that the second trimester my face clears up so I dont look like im 13 while marrying my guy! lol. Ah well. the trial and tribulations of pregnancy. THanks for the concern, and pajama land, will definetly occur more days than not!