Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Wedding planning always seemed like so much fun. I love to watch "Wedding SOS", "Say Yes to the Dress" and "Rich Bride, Poor Bride", but no one ever really tells you how much work a wedding is, or how much it costs...even when done as cheaply as possible. To give you an idea of cost - Scott and I have a photographer for free, a DJ for free, and all of our invitations were done by my mom...for FREE. Bonus right? This means my wedding should be under budget, easily under 10,000 dollars! So far I'm under, but not easily!

Wedding dress = $1200.00 with veil.
New wedding dress after getting knocked up = $558.00
Shoes = $35.00
Gabe and Edie's outfits = $100.00
Venue = $1100.00
Food = approx. $4000.00
Minister = $150.00
Wedding certificate = $100.00
Cake = $420.00
Hair for three people = approx. $300.00
Maid of Honor and Groomsmen Hotel room = $218.00
Baby Prison = $120.00
Interlocking floor mats = $50.00
Bubbles = $15.00
Hand fans and ice cold water = approx $250.00
alterations for dress = approx. 150.00
Ties for wedding party = $100.00
Bouquets for 3 = $200.00
Door prize = $100.00
String lights = $80.00
Center Pieces = $160.00
Kiddie Pool = $20.00
Poker Set = $50.00
Cake Topper and Cake knife set = $150.00
AIrporter to get drunks safely home = $280.00
Grand Total so far = $9906.00

All the little things really add up. I have decided I am never getting married again. If Scott and I divorce I will remain a Middleton for the rest of my life. Weddings are expensive and stressful. I just want things done and over with! I love you Scott, but if I could go back and marry you in Vegas, I would in a second!


Jess said...

It is crazy how quickly everything can add up, isn't it? Yes, you'll be happy when it's all over, but remember to have fun, too. You silly girl, it'll be so great having everyone you love in one place, and it's all about you!

carrie said...

Yeah it is! LOL. It is hard work for sure, but i'm going to make sure I enjoy it. I wont be able to drink so i'm going to eat my face off. Baby back ribs and cake cake cake....MMMMM