Wednesday, April 28, 2010


I had a horrible nights sleep last night! I was tossing and turning and couldn't seem to find a comfortable position. Then at quarter after four Gabe woke up and wouldn't go back to sleep! But that was the least of my worries. I found myself in excruciating abdominal pain to the point where I was throwing up. I phoned Scott at work and told him I thought I was miscarrying and he drove 160 kms an hour home to find me in the bath doubled over in pain. He had just worked all night and I had finally found some place where I was somewhat comfortable so I told him to put Edie to sleep and to nap himself in case he needed to take me to the hospital. He grabbed a bottle for Edie and they slept in our bed while Gabe watched Toy Story and I dozed in my bath water. After an hour the pain gradually lessened to the point where I could move and not barf and that's when I realized I could smell diaper cream and could hear Gabe spitting. Suddenly I flashed back in my memory and realized that Gabe was watching the movie at our computer desk...and I had put a brand new jar of sudocream on it the night before for safe keeping away from him... As I'm getting out of the tub I'm praying its not bad. The minute I spot him I see that it's worse than bad. He glances up at me while smiling and handing me the diaper cream. He looks like a deranged clown. He has white cream over half his face, all over his arms, hands, legs, and feet, It's also all over my computer chair, and carpet.

""? At hearing this Scot wakes up and asks whats wrong, and if I'm alright. Then he takes one look at Gabe and groans. I grab Gabe, strip him and throw him into my bath. I soon learn that removing diaper cream...especially stuff so caked on to the point where no skin can be a pain in the ass. I'm pretty sure he'll be water resistant from now until the end of time.

At about 1 pm the pain hasn't left me, only lessened so I decide that it's a good time to head to the ER. After waiting FOREVER I get an ultrasound and they determine it's not an ectopic pregnancy, that I'm not miscarrying, and that the "differential diagnosis at this time is Appendicitis". Then they sent me home. If the pain gets worse I'm supposed to head back in as soon as possible. At this point I'm of the belief that most, if not all, doctors in my town are complete morons, and I probably have a severe bladder infection. I guess I'll have to wait for my appointment on Friday to get assessed by my doctor, but since I'm prone to them, that's my "differential diagnosis".

Man oh man...Today was the epitome of frustrating mommy moments which was dispersed between moments of acute pain and anxiety. I tried my best to think clinically, coldly and dared not breathe out loud the wish I held deep in my heart; that the little one inside me, would create more of these hugely irritating, completely frustrating, little minutes in time...And when I saw him/her on ultrasound heart sang and I nearly cried with relief, and that wish I dared not wish, for fear of actually came true.

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