Tuesday, May 18, 2010


I don't remember if I ever mentioned that my little sister Nicki was pregnant, but she is and she's about seven weeks ahead of me! Today she had her ultrasound and found out that she is going to be having a baby girl! This is her first baby and I'm so excited for her.

I can't believe how many people I know are young moms. I wish some lived closer to me, but phone and facebook networking are about all the one on one mommy visits I get at the moment.I'm fine with that, especially with a third on the way, its hard enough finding time to be by myself, let alone trying to squeeze visits with friends in. Having more than one child definitely makes going out a little more complicated, so it doesn't usually happen without Scott in the mix.

It's awesome that everyone in our family are having babies at the same time, it means family reunions and holidays are that much more exciting and entertaining. Is there anything better than a new baby? Just the family to share the new bundle with!

Congrats Nickster! She'll be a beauty!

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