Saturday, May 29, 2010

Dear Eden

Dear Edie the Sweetie,

Tomorrow you will be 11 months old and I'm astounded at how quickly your first year has passed. You have begun to toddle around all of our furniture, you talk (babble) non stop and have mastered the words "Mommy" and "Daddy". Everyone who meets you quickly falls in love with your bubbly, sweet natured, personality, and no one can resist the urge to hug and squeeze your perfectly, chubby, baby frame. The comments I hear so often about you are "she's such a good baby", or "can you believe she didn't cry at all". Something that I thought I would never hear all through your colicky months.

As sweet as you are, you are equally as mischievous. I'm always surprised by the lengths you'll go to in order to get into something you know you aren't allowed. And when you are caught red handed, instead of looking confused and innocent, you laugh and act as though trouble is your middle name.

You are also quite the dramatic, little actress. Your poor brother has taken the fall for your acts quite a few times before your father and I caught on to your devious game. I never thought I would have to play seasoned detective quite so early, but you are a constant surprise. It was about a month ago that your father and I discovered that you feigned injury in order to get your big brother into trouble. I'm sure many people will argue me on the validity of a 11 month old doing such premeditated acts... But it's hard to call it anything else when in the midst of playing happily beside your brother, he brushes against you and you scream in horror while hurling yourself to the floor. While on the floor you cry out "mommy" for good measure while pumping your little fists in the air, glaring at your brother, and looking tearfully at the ceiling as though asking god "WWWHHHHHYYYYY", or as your grandma likes to call it...your "STTTEEELLLLLAAAA" face. This morning after watching your little act your father (while laughing) requested that you stop "hamming it up" and you stopped the crocodile tears immediately, which of course, made us laugh even harder.

If I had to label you two I would call your brother the heart of the family, and you are it's personality. You can change any ones mood from grumpy to giddy in a little under 2 minutes. And this includes a brother throwing his famous "death throw" tantrum. You are just so effervescent people can't help but smile back at you when you're giving your most dazzling grin.

I Love you Teeny Tiny, you make me smile every day, no matter my mood.

Sincerely, Mommy.

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