Thursday, May 13, 2010

Gorgeous Day

Today was such a warm, and lovely day. My brood and I managed to get out of the house for a few hours so that daddy could do some banking and I could get some run of the mill, pregnancy, blood tests. Since I don't have a cell phone Scott is always left to guesstimate when I will be done. Unfortunately if there's a line I could be stuck waiting for a good hour, but if it's a day like today, (where no person wants to be stuck inside getting tests done) the line moves fast. Scott showed up 20 minutes after I was done but during that time I got to bask in the sun.

I almost forget what it's like to enjoy the day without children. There is something uniquely calming about it. I don't have to worry about getting them ready, dressing them appropriately, applying mounds of sun screen, reapplying sunscreen after an hour, preventing fights, timing my outings around meal times, or nap times, or trying to find a safe place for my toddler to run. I can just turn my face towards that bright blue sky, close my eyes, and listen to the day. I can watch the breeze move the trees, and smile at the wonderfully smelling, old people who greet me with quips about getting out for a tan.

I miss even the little things about sitting on the roadway by myself. Like examining the sidewalk and following the many cracks with my eyes; quietly observing how they intersect and sprout grass or weeds. I marvel at how life can exist in any environment. I miss bouncing rocks off said sidewalk, and resting my back against cool cement. I miss the people watching that comes with waiting for a bus, or in my case my husband. You'd be surprised the things that can pass you by that you never even knew you could miss.

I love the tranquility that comes with no responsibilities to anyone but yourself. Being alone on a beautiful day reminds you that the world is marvelous and not always full of danger at every turn (something you are constantly on standby for when you are a parent). Sometimes I miss the world and all it has to offer as I'm desperately trying to navigate my children through it.

So to all those moms out there. I highly recommend just a half hour alone, in the sun, in the world, to find yourself again and to enjoy a little piece of summer bliss.


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed my drive home from work the other day. It was freakin gorgeous outside, so I cranked the radio, rolled down the windows, opened the run roof.. and had a nice half hour drive by myself :)


carrie said...

It's what tired moms need sometimes. Solitary. LOL.