Thursday, May 27, 2010

Dancing Queen

Scott's at work today (he left at 4 am) so I was the one to get up with the kids. As per usual Edie was up at 630am and Gabriel was up at 730am. I dont mind this time difference because it gives me time to get Edie's diaper changed, get her dressed, and fed before "the Tornado" comes down for breakfast. When Gabe does get up it's the same routine as his sister. Diaper, clothes, food. Recently, during Gabe's diaper change, Edie has been showing her affection for him by bending over and kissing his mouth. The two cuddle, kiss, and hug one another for the next few minutes. I think this show of affection is just so damned cute! I wish my camera weren't dead so I could get video of it. Soon!

Today the kids and I also rocked out to some classic songs(their favourite being ACDC). Gabe sat in the middle of the floor spinning on his butt (pretending to break dance?) while Edie and I rocked it out next to him. Dancing with my kids is one of the most enjoyable exercises I do in a day. And man do they love it. Especially Gabe who has become quite the little dancer. Edie is still a little unsure of all the bouncing and swinging on my hips but she doesn't complain.

Life is sweet when you can dance your troubles away, or at least to the back of your mind for a few minutes.

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