Monday, April 12, 2010

Girls day out

Today I was awoken by the lovely sound of my son screaming. I laid in bed while Edie stirred next to me and said the prayer every mother quietly sends to anyone who might be listening (and with my usual lack of response I'm one) "please go back to sleep, please go back to sleep". After 10 minutes of steadily increasing hysterics I decided that I had to get him something to drink and maybe a diaper change...and hoped he'd happily head back to dreamland - "please go back to sleep, Please go back to sleep". Unfortunately Edie was now completely awake and began to whine when I left the bed...Okay...I guess you're coming with that ever goes over well. I get him a glass of milk and a new diaper and as I'm changing him I see him look at Edie (Miss chatty Cathy in the corner of his room) and he breaks out into a huge grin...I groan inwardly...this is not a good sign.

I quickly get up and tell him it's still dark and Edie's tired (yeah right) and everyone needs to go back to sleep. I leave his room quickly and as I'm shutting the door the crying begins again. I head back to my room and lay in the bed with Edie -"Please go to sleep...please go to sleep" - the crying doesn't stop and Edie is giggling and acting goofy. At this point I give up.

I head back to Gabe's room, unleash the crazy from his cage and tell him that "I'm not a happy mommy right now" and I ask him if he knows why? He nods and points at his sister...."No buddy, it's because it's 5 in the morning and mommy doesn't like getting up when its still dark". Then he smiles and nods as if to say..."oh of course that's the answer...ask me again...I'll get it right this time".

We head down stairs where I run on auto pilot. Gabe asks for Rice Krispies so I get him a bowl and a spoon and he eats away. Meanwhile I feed Edie her breakfast. Ten minutes into his meal he begins to whine and I mutter under my breath "don't be starting least wait for mommy to have coffee" I glance up at him and he looks back at me quizzically while holding his fork out for me...I blink...FORK? Ooops. I laugh then get him a spoon while apologizing..."well it is early" I say.

At around 930am Gabe melts down and I put him to bed. However, Edie just got up from a two hour nap so I wont be catching up on sleep anytime soon. I decide this would be a perfect time to do some shopping. I tell Scott that I'm leaving and if he needs me to call the cell. Edie and I take off to find me some much needed mommy birthday gifts. We find a cute little strip mall where I end up buying a "Princess Eats" dish set, a lamb book, a Cars fanny pack,a shopping cart sling, and a cute pair of baby sunglasses. After two hours of shopping I realize I haven't bought a thing for myself, so we pop by the grocery store where I buy myself a book and a pack of gum (which I end up sharing with Gabriel).

Now I just need to find some time to read my book, and my birthday will be complete! Truthfully I enjoyed my little girls day out and can't wait to do it again...without the 5 o clock wake up.

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