Monday, April 19, 2010

B is for ball

Just a quick post on some of the quirkiness our household has endured for the past few days (I'm exhausted so any longer posts wont be happening). Gabe has begun to pick up a lot more words and is becoming fairly comprehensible. He's still not speaking in sentences regularly but at least now I have some idea of what he's trying to say. The words he spoke tonight which amazed me were "birthday" "grandma" "puzzle" and "balls". I know...why should balls amaze me...well it was in the context the word was used. He ran upstairs to get some puzzle pieces he had in his room and when he returned he was without his diaper. So i asked him what happened to it. That's when he looked down exclaimed "ooh" while grabbing himself and said "balls". I couldn't help myself, I laughed until i nearly cried. I knew he didn't have a diaper rash so he wasn't in pain; it was stoking hot in the house, so I guess he was too hot and uncomfortable cooped up in his diaper. Well alright, let em hang free. (and yes I approve of teaching your children the correct words for their body parts but testicles is a hell of a lot harder to say at the moment than balls!)

The other thing Gabe has been doing on an ever increasing basis is watching over Edie - she has become an excellent butt scoocher- which means her mobility as increased 10 fold and it fascinates and frightens Gabe. Everywhere she goes he feels the need to follow and take from her anything he feels is too dangerous. He tells her not to touch the stove ("Edie" he says while tentatively touching the stove and recoiling in mock pain while screaming "ow"), he tells her not to play with the recycling bag ( and will pull it from her grasp while placing it safely out of reach), and he stops her from eating his books. Unfortunately he doesn't always know the difference between what's dangerous and whats not; as this morning I dropped a cheerio on the floor which Edie happily popped into her mouth and he worked himself into a state of tears trying to get her to spit it out. I finally had to take him into my lap, tell him "I'm the mommy and Edie is safe" before he calmed down. Of course, not ten minutes later he was running like a banshee back in forth in front of her while happily slapping her on the head with each new pass. But that's Gabriel for you, from saviour to terror in no time flat!

On the Edie front she is definitely more mobile and given a little more courage will be pulling herself up on stuff and taking her first steps. She's a little behind Gabriel with walking and crawling but I know that's only because shes a lot more careful. She's also been babbling up a storm and says momma and Dada on a regular basis. The next stage of Edie ville will be moving her to her own room. I'm ready for it. I'm sick of being kicked in the face at night.

Well that's all for the update tonight. I feel like I could fall into a deep sleep and stay there for a good year. MMMmmm, if only.

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