Monday, April 5, 2010

Ch Ch Ch Changes

The obvious change at my house right now is me. I've got a crazy amount of hormones raging through my body supporting my third and final baby and I'm feeling it. I'm exhausted and no longer have much patience at all. It's like PMSing, continuously. I feel so bad for anyone around me right now. I try and hold my tongue and keep my temper in check as much as possible when around my kids but its not always possible. Today Edie fell on her head a multitude of times while leaning too far to reach a toy, and every time I heard her head bounce of the floor or wall I raged. Not at her, but at the floor or wall. I was so pissed that those inanimate objects would get in her way and cause her pain that I ended up stomping the floor and kicking the wall while Scott and Gabe looked at me as though I had just been possessed. And man it feels that way. I usually have the patience of a saint. But lately that patience has turned sour! Now even loud chewing annoys the bejesus out of me. STOP eating...Is that too much to ask?! Goddamn it. Thankfully I only have about a month left before I'm in my second trimester...ahh the blessed second trimester, it can't arrive soon enough!

The second major change is Gabe being weaned from the bottle. I wasn't going to do it while potty training but potty training got delayed when Gabe rejected it outright and refused to have anything to do with it (might have something to do with inconsistency in keeping Gabe out of diapers...daddy...AHEM). In any case, I decided if Gabe didn't want to potty train then I wasn't going to force him so instead I cut all the nipples to his bottles and told him they broke! It worked like a charm. Hes obsessed with the word broken and what it means, and probably says it 50 million times a day; so it only took one nap time without a bottle to get him to accept that they were gone forever. Hallelujah, that was 1000 times easier than I thought it would be!

The next step I will make in the household is sleep weaning for Edie. I've decided to start in about a month, when I'm in my second trimester and not so tired. This transition will most definitely be the most difficult but also the most necessary with a third baby on the way.

Then the baby days will start all over again, right about the time my two oldest are gaining more independence...

Have I mentioned, this is definitely my last. Finished. No more. Done.

Vasectomy, here you come Scott...(have I mentioned how much I love you lately...when your not chewing next to me?)


Jess said...

I have complete faith in you. People keep telling me having three really isn;t much different than having two. Not that I want to get pregnant again any time soon.
I am fully empathetic to your horomones. Truthfully, I don't think my marriage could get through another pregnancy/ my horomones. Just having pms back in my life is close to divorce once a month. Maybe I'm dramatic, but don't try to tell me that. You get it.
Everything will get easier, 2nd trimester is soon. And don't be afraid to ask people around you for help, you are human, and you need it.

carrie said...

Yeah, I've enforced DADA quotas now lol. He needs to help without me telling him how to do everything as that is almost just as exhausting. And then maybe the hormone rages wont be turned onto him quite as severly!