Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Forgive My Post About Boobs

Today I received my excisional breast biopsy despite being sick as a dog. I think I hid it fairly well though. I didn't lie, I said I had a cold; I just didn't embellish and mention it was the worst cold of my life. Even after the nurse took my temperature three times and asked if I normally run yes? I know. What idiot doesn't admit to being really sick to their breast surgeon? A person whose been waiting for their biopsy for well over three months! That's who. A person who knows the Anaesthesiologists are about to strike. A person who is weighing the chance of cancer against the whole "Oh I have a cold, woe is me". It's A COLD. Anyway. Now that I have defended myself to all those imaginary critics out there I have to say it went nicely.

I didn't cough at all despite really wanting to (Don't you HATE that feeling?) I fell asleep quickly under their general anesthetic and despite being nauseous when I woke up and annoyed that my mouth and throat were numb things were cool. The incision still doesn't hurt and I have my next appointment for followup and path reports on the 24th.

The only thing I'm confused about is the possibility of turning blue. The nurses told me that it might happen? I was too out of it to really ask why that was. I assumed it was from the marker they used to write on me, but the farther out I get from the anaesthetic the more I think this doesn't make much sense at all?!

So I guess I can look forward to the whites of my eyes being blue and some of the lighter skin around my face?! Weird. Just call me smurf.

That's all Peeps.

Hope your day was filled with less knives then mine.


Stephanie said...

I didn't realize that you were having a breast biopsy. My thoughts are with you! (And I hope you don't turn blue)

carrie said...

Thanks! Yeah I had a few tumours. Given my age they are probably benign. But since the one tumour is all irregular and stuff I chose to get it out.

And I haven't turned blue yet!! Maybe the nurses were tripping on something? lol. They did get my clothes mixed up with "Christines" so maybe they mixed up my instructions too?!lol.

Stephanie said...

Glad to hear that they were benign. But yeah, I don't blame for you wanting them OUT OF THERE. Happy, quick healing to you.

(And I hope you're not wearing Christine's underwear.)

carrie said...

Well the one I had excised hasn't been confirmed benign yet! lol. I wish...But i have great faith it will be!

And I hope I'm not wearing Christine's underwear either! :S