Friday, April 27, 2012



The lump was irregular shaped (looked like a four leaf clover) because of lactational changes. I'm ridiculously happy. I don't think I realized how stressed out I was until I wasn't anymore. My husband was stressed out to the max too. He's decided to take a two week vacation in May to recuperate...and he's a cop! Poor guy.

Well thanks everyone for your support while I wondered, worried and waited. And special thanks to Renn whose just such a great bloggess ( and made me feel better through her comments and her well written blog. Which by the way (although obviously focus' on breast cancer) is a great blog for insights into life.

WOOHOO! Benign!!!


Renn said...

YIPPEE! I was about to stop reading and just skip to posting you "YAY 4 B9" when I saw you mentioned my blog... that is so sweet!!! Thank you. But let's get back to *YOU* — and your BIG news! YAY!!

What a lovely word, benign. It has such a beautiful ring to it, doesn't it?

Enjoy your weekend, your family, your life! (It's all any of us can do anyway, right?)

carrie said...

So true Renn! Thanks for all your support! I found your blog early in the journey and it's a beautiful piece of writing about not just the challenges of cancer but also the bigger picture - how to live a life thats not a betrayal to your mortality.

Thanks again and I will continue to read! :)

Stephanie said...

YAY!!! Oh, I'm so very glad to hear this. Imagine me throwing confetti.

carrie said...

LOL! I love confetti! :)