Sunday, April 29, 2012

Blogger Award!

My humble blog was recently (yesterday) awarded a "One Lovely Blog Award" from Renn over at The Big C and Me. I was touched to say the least and really surprised. Thanks Renn :)

So there are certain rules when accepting a blog award. The first is to link back to the person who awarded you (Done!). The second rule for this particular award is to name seven tidbits about yourself...see list below. And the third is to nominate 15 (newly discovered) blogs to also receive the award. So lets start with the second rule first as I love to talk about myself! ;)

Tidbits of Truth

1. I'm currently working on a supernatural thriller. Apparently it takes six fully completed novels before you get published so I'm sure this attempt will go nowhere but the very act of writing and completing a novel is fulfilling! I can't wait until I'm editing my completed work and then shelving my book away to never see the light of day again. :)

2.  I'm a homebody. Three kids definitely doesn't help my social deficiencies but I was socially deficient before they came along. If I had the option between going out for drinks with my friends or watching a scary movie alone...9 times out of 10 I would have picked the movie...

3. I have three tattoos that are perfectly meaningless to me...I was a bit impulsive in my younger days. I have two tribal tattoos (inner groan) and a butterfly on my lower back (insert embarrassed eye roll here). I plan on having them changed to incorporate my kids names and or symbols of their person hood.

4. I went to college for a diploma in Criminal Justice...I didn't complete my diploma because Math is not my strong suit and the Statistics course - required for the diploma - I failed miserably.

5. I met my husband on "Plenty of"

6. I have bruises all over me because my kids favourite game is "monster" where I end up being a lunatic who chases them all over the house (sometimes on my hands and knees) and when I've captured them I pretend to eat them which is usually rewarded with laughter and a knee or two in the head from flailing lower extremities.

7. I don't have a driver's license. My fear of driving is all consuming and probably never going to be overcome. Of course it doesn't help that my husband is a police officer and regales me with horror from the crash scenes he attends. Seriously? He's lucky I get in a car at all at this point.

Now I have to name 15 newly discovered blogs. I don't think I'll be able to name 15 blogs as I'm as deficient with socializing in the blog world as I am in real life. So for seven tidbits I give you seven great bloggers. In no particular order here they are....

1. Stephanie who writes Clay Baboons. Her blog is unique and hilarious and it never fails to amuse me. Check it out, you won't be disappointed!

2. Tom over at 20 Prospect who writes on a wide range of different topics from touching memoir style prose to fascinating historical pieces. He's a very talented writer.

3. Brahm at Alfred Lives Here whose a fellow Canadian and writes about (as his blog states) Pop culture, Gay life, and the World cutest canine. Check him out - he's a pretty smart guy and I love his movie reviews!

4. Dot over at Busted Button. Her artwork is insanely good and you'll be wildly entertained by the things she can do with buttons. She's also wonderfully sarcastic so don't pass up on looking in on her!

5. Alice who writes Alice in Diaperland. She used to blog about the frustrations and heartbreak of infertility now she blogs about her new beautiful baby girl. Check her out!

6. Jen O. over at My Tornado Alley. She blogs about motherhood and her words often make me laugh out loud or nod my head in agreement. Go ahead, click on the link, you won't regret it.

7. Paris (last name) who writes Thoughts From Paris is a blogger I just started to read. I found him through twitter and have not be disappointed in his amusing material. Read his post about pooping in his pants. Seriously funny.

So there you have it. A blog award received and given all in one post. I hope you enjoy the blogs I linked to as they are some of the best I have discovered and the bloggers I enjoy the most.


dot said...

aw! carrieeee thank youuu :) you are rad!!! and i am in the same posish as you in the driving dept! hahaa. soul mates ;) we will have to go on a 'not road trip' sometime

Renn said...

happy, happy, happy!

carrie said...

Totally Dot a non roadtrip sounds fun! lol.

So happy :D

Stephanie said...

THANK YOU! I'm honoured. :) And I also love horror movies (well, so long as they're not too graphically gory) and hate being in cars.

carrie said...

I hate graphic horror movies too. Not a big fan of stuff like Saw, but creature features I will watch any day of the week. I am obsessed with Resident Evil series. LOVE IT.

Agreed, Cars suck!