Saturday, March 19, 2011

Toddler conversations...the bane of my existence.

So it's happened. Gabe learned a phrase I now regret ever uttering. He repeats it a million times a day..."Mom's bum hole". Yes. I now wish I hadn't told him that Metamucil, Raisin Bran, etc...was for my bum hole. At the time I was trying to ensure he understood that he couldn't eat what I was eating... and somehow "optimal digestion" for the "prevention and cure of hemorrhoids after birth" didn't seem the best explanation for my two (now three) year old.

Suddenly everything I do, somehow relates to guessed it...bum hole. I drink a glass of water at the table " Water for mom's bum hole?"... I eat a banana, " Oh, for mom's bum hole?". I lay down on the couch "mom's bum hole hurt?"  I eat  a bowl of Raisin Bran and he screams, "Bum hole cereal". But until a recent trip out in the real world I just found all of this very amusing...I soon learned it wasn't quite as funny as I thought.

Yesterday I went to the bank to replace my old card with a fancy, new chip card and he asks me in front of the teller "a go home mom?". I shake my head and reply "Not yet hunny, we have to wait for my new bank card"..."Oh!" he says while looking at the teller "My mom's bum hole broke"...The teller and I go three shades of red while I cover Gabe's mouth with my hand and mutter..."I'm fine"...

Yes. I'm so glad I explained proper nutrition for a healthy body so appropriately...Now I dread leaving my house.

Anyone else out there have a story about your toddler saying a little too much? Feel free to share and relieve me from my embarrassment.

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