Thursday, March 24, 2011

Broken hearts love the best.

Little Puck,

You have found your hands and have developed a love/hate relationship with them! You will put anything into your mouth that your little fingers grasp; and if you can't get it between your teething gums the way you want, you scream baby obscenities at it. Your big brother thinks this is hilarious and often presents you a full head of his hair to tug on, only to pull away and admonish you afterwards.Gabriel enjoys giving you endless attention. From cuddles to peek-a-boo he never leaves you alone. It seems every time he screams in your face (just for the startle reflex) and I begin to discipline him, you break out into a huge grin, or giggle with delight! It makes stopping his behaviour extremely difficult! I have a sneaking suspicion you two will be plotting devious adventures every chance you get.

You are truly loved Puck, even by Edie. She is so rough and tumble I didn't expect her to have a gentle bone in her body. But when it comes to you... her tomboy exterior melts and reforms as a little mama. She, oh so gently, hugs and kisses you and lovingly whispers Puck as she strokes your head. The other day I was busy cleaning and you would fuss occasionally. Every time I turned around to give you reassurance, your sister was there handing you a new toy.  Of course this never lasts long! When she feels she has become too sappy she soon remedies it by attacking Gabriel in one fashion or another. Today she very slowly and gently kissed your forehead, then turned around to see your big brother and kicked his knee so hard he collapsed to the ground... She's an amazon happy she loves you!

Your father and I adore you as well, of course! Knowing you are our last baby has made every second of your little life celebrated. You are so spoiled! For a heart that was born broken, and still poses us some anxiety and worry, it sure has reached out and touched a lot of people. Especially those people who see you everyday.

I love you Little Puck. Now and forever.


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Anonymous said... sweet. Lovely as always Carrie..