Monday, February 22, 2010


My mom's birthday is coming up and I'm thinking of getting her something special. Then I decided against that and felt a blog entry would suffice.

March 5th, 1962..63...

March 5th, year unknown. Mother Dalrie, Father Bob. They welcomed you and your twin brother without a c-section...ouch...and you have been part of their sarcasm loving tribe ever since ( four siblings in total).

During the formative years not much is known... You went to Catholic School which made you anything but a firm believer and as with most teen years...the rest can be least one can hope...

Twenty years or so into your life you married Kevin Middleton..which good thing...(your daughter Carrie), and two mediocre things...(Greg and Jared). In the late 80's you and Kevin divorced and you went on to a few more dating=FAILS before you met Jefferson...


Summer, year unknown. You married said Jefferson and inherited two more boy children..Dan and Cole. Thankfully your daughter Carrie is still around and so life is interesting.

Then March 14th, 2008 your first grandchild is born, followed by another (June 30th, 2009), and another (January 20th, 2010)...neither quite as momentous as the first...but still the Greg and Jared things.

Which brings us to today. You are now in your 40 something year, with more kids than you can count, a number of grand children...and Jeff. I guess it wasn't all bad (namely me...and my kids).

Well...I love you.

Happy Birthday, hope its better than the last!

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