Thursday, February 11, 2010

I hope i'm not jinxing myself

Well for the past 2 nights Edie has slept 4-5 hours straight, woke up, had a short feed, and has fallen back to sleep for another 2-3 hours. Is this a routine starting? Does her little body finally need to sleep longer than an hour at a time? Dear GOD I hope so! I could not believe that I got to sleep a few hours in a row. I have never been so thankful for anything! And shes been sleeping all her naps in her room! Also very exciting.

If she keeps up this new sleeping pattern, then in a few weeks I will start to transition her to her crib at night! I will finally get my bed back, be able to spread out, roll around, find the cold spots with my feet, snuggle my hubby. OH, the little things you miss when you have to share your bed with a little person! Of course by the time shes moved I'll probably be gearing up to have a third! Yeah you heard me...I'm considering that I see there might actually be a light at the end of the non sleeping tunnel. I could do it for another 9 months if need be! Couldnt I?


Anonymous said...

lol You're crazy. Wait a couple years at least. hahahaha.. :)


carrie said...

lol, well im waiting until at LEAST after the wedding!