Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I'm haunted.

I think my house is haunted....I know! Regardless of your thoughts here are some of the things that have happened since moving in to this house in April 2009!

1. lights flicker (could be related to the shitty workmanship on the house though...)

2. Gabe sees something and has become afraid of it. (which pissed me off and I told whatever it was to leave because it wasn't welcome here)

3. I saw a Shadow Man who I had at first assumed was a living breathing person spying on me. I phoned my husband and then he just disappeared...

4. A womans voice spoke "what's that" so clearly that I heard it and could tell it was over my right shoulder and here's the kicker SCOTT (who isnt crazy, or a sensitive) responded "what?" because he thought it was me!

5.Last night I clealy saw Scott's shadowed, lumbering, frame following me down the hall to the stairs that lead to the master bedroom. I saw him kinda slide against the wall (even heard it) then turn around and go back to the main level. It took a few minutes for him to get to the master bedroom so I asked what he had forgotten and he said, "what do you mean"?
"why did you go back downstairs?" I asked
"I never went back downstairs..I just came straight up", he responded.
"No, you turned around at Gabe's room and went downstairs for something" I remember insisting.
"I dont know what to tell you but I didnt follow you up the stairs. I stopped in the kitchen to get cold medicine..I was never behind you..and I never went back downstairs after climbing the first flight..."

This is the activity to date, and it has started to pick up, which indicates to me that whatever is going on it knows I can see it and hear it. Maybe there's multiple entities here but Im thinking its just one. Its one that can mimic us and that is a little freaky. I dont like not knowing the difference between the living and the not so living...I will have to get a hold of my aunt and get her take on it. Other than ignoring what's going on, and telling it to leave, im not sure what else I can do. But for now the entity seems rather benign and I dont feel like it can physically harm us, so who knows!


Anonymous said...
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carrie said...

OMG! That is so creapy! Im glad Im not the only person who has experienced something! I wondered if my neighbours were experiencing something similar!

Thanks for the advice. I have actually told it that its not welcome around my house if its going to scare me or my kids, and there hasnt been any scary activity since, I still feel a presence sometimes but not as intensely!

WOW. Awesome. Thanks for the feedback!

carrie said...

Sorry anonymous that i had to delete your awesome comment but im getting paranoid about having to much info about where i live on the internet...what with crazy ass child molestors etc out there. Thanks again for your comment though!