Saturday, February 13, 2010

Yeah I jinxed myself..kinda

Edie woke up every hour on the hour for the last two nights BUT she has been sleeping longer at naps. She slept two whole hours in her crib, something she never does! (Im lucky if she sleeps 40 minutes in her room at a time!) SO I was pretty thrilled about that. I hope she keeps it up! if she does start to sleep longer and longer intervals then I will transfer her to her crib. I think this month is a write off since Scott is working so much (I dont want to be completely sleep derprived without parental back up), so mid march is when I'll attempt lone sleeping for Edie the Sweetie.

On the Gabe front he has been quite grumpy because of his new teeth but he has his moments of extreme cuteness. For example he now loves to sing!He cant carry a tune worth a dang but its still cute to watch! He even lip syncs if you consider letting your mouth hang open lip syncing....

His interactions with Edie have also gotten more aggressive, for love, and meaness! He screams a high pitched squeal when she takes a toy from him, or if she touches one, or attempts to touch one, or stares at one too long....but hes also very sweet with her. The other day while she was in tummy time he got on top of her, hugged her, gave her his blanket, then patted her bum twice while saying "good boy"! I laughed so hard. My little Gabe can be quite a handful but I wouldnt have it any other way! Such a character!

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