Friday, October 30, 2009

Fall fun!

Today Scott bought us a new car! It's a 2009 Hyundai Elantra, our 97' Blazer pretty much bit the dust! Is it weird to feel sad for the death of a car? In any case I'm happy for the new addition to the family and can't wait to go for a drive in it. Scott's going to take us for a family drive tomorrow maybe we will do something halloweeny.

I love Halloween and I can't wait to dress the family up and wander the neighbourhood looking at the decorations and other kids in costume (we've decided to nix trick or treating because Gabe still has to get his H1N1 booster and he's too young to gorge himself on candy). Last year Gabe was a monkey which totally suited his personality and this year he will be going as Superman. This makes total sense as he's always hurling himself off of high dangerous places in the belief he's invincible. Edie's costume was harder to find since she's so small but we managed to get her to look pretty cute in this bumble bee costume. I figured I could set up pictures where it looks like shes attacking a city and Superman flies in to protect its helpless citizens! I decided to be a witch (original right) and Scott commented that it suits me Scott is going as a murder victim.

November is going to be a busy month with my cousins baby due, my brother's birthday, a myriad of appointments from dental to doctor, plus saving up for Christmas! I just love this time of year! Bring on 2010, it should be a good one!


Anonymous said...

Wow that Scott sounds like a very nice guy buying his family a new car. That Carrie sure lucked out when she hooked up with him.

carrie said...

yes scot..I mean anonymous. I'm one lucky girl!