Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Even better the second time

Today our little family went for a walk to the Vedder River. Its about 10 minutes from our house and its trail is about 20 kms long, needless to say we didn't even finish a quarter of it. Even though we didn't finish it (I'm not training for a marathon!) the trail was so beautiful. I love fall, its definitely my favourite season. The vedder trail is especially beautiful with the changing of the leaves and the sound of rushing water. The serenity of it all caused both of our kids to fall asleep.

Despite the awesome sights and calming sounds by the time we turned around I thought I was going to die. Apparently my hips are not yet fully recovered from pregnancy and birth despite the fact its almost been four months. Scott jokingly referred to me as granny the rest of the way home and I have to say, i kinda felt like one!

After getting home Gabe whined and started to grab the front of his pants so I asked if he had to go potty? He said yes, walked to his potty, and then flipped the lid. So I stripped him down so he could practise and he sat down, then got off, then grabbed a book, then sat down, then got off. At this point he hasn't peed in a potty yet, he just likes to pretend and I figure its a good first step. Instead of putting a diaper back on him right away I decided to leave him naked for some air bum time. I began making dinner and after about 20 mins of naked time i glance down at him and notice that hes slurping something off the floor. That's when I realize....

It's his own PEE!

I start screaming " OMG, Scott Stop HIM!!" Scott's like "What"..."What is that"? I was like "He's naked!! What do you think it is?" Well I start gagging and Scott starts laughing hysterically and Gabe is sitting there, with this self satisfied look on his face and this bizarre little grin.

I have to say when you think you've seen it all as a parent...you haven't!

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