Thursday, October 15, 2009

Boys will be boys.

Today Gabe has been nuts. I think a good night sleep had something to do with it. It started with him running around with a bottle hanging out of his mouth, taking a big spill over Edie's bouncy chair and coming up with a bruise mustache. There is nice imprint of the bottle lid on his top lip so needless to say he is no longer allowed to run around with anything in his mouth. I scooped him up gave him some hugs and within minutes he had forgotten that the bottle had assaulted him. I fed him breakfast and not 20 mins after eating he decided it would be a good idea to take his toy train (I was sweeping) and smash Edie in the head with it. She has a nice little goose egg to show off. He promptly got a time out while I consoled Edie with her breakfast. I couldn't see Gabe because of my position on the couch but soon heard a spoon clatter to the floor. (He gets a time out in his high chair and was obviously too close to the counter). When the timeout timer went off I got up to let Gabe out and saw that the spoon he had knocked off the counter was on top of the Folgers can, a brand new one I had just opened that morning. And the spoon and Folgers can was now on the floor, coffee grounds everywhere! "Gabriel" I sighed exasperatedly. He turned towards me, smiled, and then leaned over and started to flip the light switch off and on, off and on. Yup too close to the counter and clearly too close to the wall as well.

Obviously this timeout didn't work worth a dang. I got the broom, cleaned up his mess, let him out of the timeout/high chair where he promptly ran towards Edie and attempted to kick her. "Really"? I asked while shaking my head "timeout" I stated. At hearing this he screeched, ran, and tried to hide between the couch and the wall (for some reason he thinks he's invisible there). I grabbed him, he laughed hysterically and then proceeded to talk to himself throughout his new timeout. At this point I know its going to be one of those days that I will have to run him ragged or he will run me into the ground. After his nap there will be a nice, LONG walk, some playing in the backyard, and maybe a game or two of "bad guy". Phew. Boys - little balls of intense energy and poor Edie, always caught in the damage path of his crazy, tornado self.


Mom said...

sounds like a busy day little one. You obviously had lots of frustration but a few smiles as well. Sometimes that's all you can hope for. You're doing awesome...I'm so proud of you!!

Jess said...

Avery is a cyclone of energy, too. She's not a bully like the boys, but the time out thing doesn't seem very effective here either. Tearing down her curtain, from the crib, and talking. Oh now it's biting and laughing.
Stick with it, they'll get it one day. (I hope.)

Anonymous said...

Maybe face the highchair in the corner? :)


carrie said...

lol, he was in the corner. The only corner left on the main floor is the one where the cupboard meets the wall, the problem is that theres a cupboard there, and a light switch. Normally i pull out his chair and put him in the middle of the room but i was distracted by Edie. LOL. So he got into what he could in the whole minute and half timeout! Way to go Gabe.

carrie said...

I dont know why boys are so rough. But seems as though laughing through timeouts and biting is universal for kids! LOL. I wonder what Edie will be like when we have our third.