Saturday, November 7, 2009

50 MILLION!!! Not mine.

So today our tv went to tv heaven. It started flickering months ago but would stop after a few minutes, today it just kept on flickering. Once again Scott and I had to delve into our savings to replace something that just wasn't fixable. I'm not sure what it is lately but we cant seem to catch a break. Money comes and, boy, does it ever go. First it was the computer, then our car, now the tv! I guess I could live without tv at night. Oh, who am I kidding I cant live without tv, i've already given it up during the day for healthy child minds! I need my mind good and anaesthetized at night! Scott found a 42" LCD at Wal-Mart for 700 bucks, a litte overkill size wise, but this was the one thing that Scott liked shopping for, so I let him have it. He wins so few battles!

Gabe was absolutely enthralled with it. And when I say 'it' I mean the tv box. It's huge. He kept walking around it and even sat on it to have his snack. It was cute. I don't think he even noticed the new tv to tell you the truth. He did notice the new controller for the tv though, I'm not sure what it is with him and remotes. He likes to pretend they are telephones or cars. He's either talking into one or driving it around!

I also noticed today that he has all his teeth! Pretty nice set of chompers too! Speaking of which I think Edie is starting to teethe, she's drooling up a storm and loves to chew on anything she can get her little hands on. Gabe of course insists on helping her and brings her all sorts of toys she then tries to cram in her mouth. She's not quite coordinated yet so she just ends up crying in frustration. If she cries too hard Gabe comes running to help out. He likes talking to her, kissing her, and pushing her around in her rocking chair (it looks likes shes in a mini wheel chair! And Scott calls her his little Stephen Hawking). Gabe tries to bring her everywhere with him. Its gotten to the point where he even tries to drag her by her arms or pick her up. I have to keep a close eye on that boy. I think he doesn't understand why she just won't walk beside him! He loves her so much and boy is she ever enthralled by him. He is the only one who can make her bust a gut laughing and she watches him like a hawk, smiling at every little thing he does. And the cutest, yet also very annoying, thing she does is cry when he does. She gets so upset when he's hurt, or mad, or throwing a tantrum. Today I had both of them crying hysterically and I couldn't help but laugh while simultaneously sighing in frustration.

My cousin Krissy now gets to enjoy all the wonderful (and not so wonderful) parts of motherhood. She had her little, baby boy (Gage Jesse James) on November 5th. He came out pretty swollen because he was in the birth canal for 3 hours and was a big baby for such a little mommy (8lbs 3 oz. to emerge from Krissy's 5'1 frame) He would have easily been 10 lbs if they hadnt induced her due to high blood pressure (she was 38 weeks and one day). They eventually had to use a vacuum to suck him out.By the time he arrived in the world he was quite bruised. He has had to stay in the hospital for a few days longer than normal, but should be able to go home tomorrow. She was very relieved to hear that he was going to be just fine and told me that she felt horrible looking at her little one in the NICU feeling it was her fault. She remarked to her little boy "Sorry I have a small vagina sweetie" to which her wonderfully colorful, and humorous fiance retorted "Well, I like it!" Krissy just laughed. And so starts her journey of motherhood which will be filled with these moments of worry and laughter. Welcome Kris, it's an awesome club!

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mom said...

wonderful post little one. I can totally see Gabe and Edie playing in your words and it's was an awesome piece you did on Gage. Good Job!