Thursday, October 8, 2009

Peek a Boo

Today Gabe was his usual self towards Edie. One minute he would love her and be kissing her (he gives real kisses now, not the open mouth, slobber hanging out, kind) and the next he would be trying to slam one of his toys in her face; while I, once again, stopped injury with my cat like reflexes.

Then today while making dinner I could hear Gabe interacting with Edie. He'd go quiet then suddenly shout. It was like he was screaming a warning to her or something. So I peered around the corner and their he is with my blanket playing peek a boo with Eden. Although from her perspective I'm sure it was more like "hmm wheres the guy who likes to poke, bite, slap, and hit me gone too...HOLY CRAP...he's right there and he's screaming something unintelligible!" (Okay maybe those weren't her exact thoughts) In any case, it was really neat to see since I have never seen him play peek a boo with her before, in fact he hasn't even played peek a boo with me since he was a baby so I was a little surprised by his game choice, and quite impressed that he picked one so baby friendly.

Unfortunately, he was a bit too aggressive with Peek a Boo and instead of making her laugh or smile she would just jump and look terrified. Although to her credit she never cried. Then he got bored, tossed the blanket on her, and walked away. It was a sweet, private moment between brother and sister and as with all things it ended much too quickly.


Jess said...

He sounds like such a boy! lol. Very sweet, momma.

carrie said...

He is totally a typical boy, rough around the edges!