Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Kreativ Blogger Award!

I won another award bitches. I know! What the eff? I guess this means people like me! Bahahahaha. suckers. So what Fool awarded me this week? Why Reanna from http://www.rockthesinglelife.com/

I love this chick because she writes about hilarious things, for example cats attacking testicles as if they might be filled with catnip! I suggest you read her because you are missing out if you don't!

As you all know by now there are RULES to follow when receiving an award. So here they are! Feel free to double check that I did in fact follow every teensy suggestion.

RULES For Accepting Kreativ Blogger Award

  1. Thank and link back to the awarding blog.
  2. Answer seven questions. (According to Reanna you should make up these damn question yourself. So I might just do that...or maybe I'll just be lazy...I haven't decided yet).
  3. Provide 10 random factoids about yourself. - (HA, prepared to be bored).
  4. Hand the award on to 7 deserving others. - (Oh Christ...SEVEN. I don't even know seven people in real life...)
Well anyway, let's get on with it shall we.

1. Thanks Reanna from http://www.rockthesinglelife.com I think you rock and I'm so glad you love me as much as I love you. Blogger crushes make me feel all shivery.
Seven Questions...
1. What is your plan if the world ends in 2012?
I have rum and coke. And I'll hug my kids. And probably have sex with my husband - if we have time. (but not in front of the kids - they don't need to go to heaven anymore traumatized than they already will be.)
2. What's your biggest fear?
That the Cascadia Fault will slip and a mega quake will hit, and my house will fall on top of me, but I won't die right away. Instead I'll have to be clausterphobically trapped while dying slowly from upper torso crush injuries...
I have an earthquake kit...which won't do be a bit of good if the house collapses...and my house sucks - so it will.
3. Whats the most frustrating part of your day?

Putting the kids to bed. They always act like I'm trying to put them into a vat of acid.
4. What one item would you bring if you had to live on a desert island?
5. What's your favourite outside activity?
Drinking beer and laying in the kids kiddie pool...I'm not even a redneck. It's fun. You should try it.
6. Whose the one person you hate the most in this world?
I don't hate anyone. I'm Canadian. It's against the law.
7. If you had million of dollars what would you buy?
Ten Random Facts...I'm sorry in advance.
1. I'm awesome
2. I'm a mom
3. I have fake red hair
4. I hate my dog - she pees and poops everywhere
5. I hate my kids - they pee and poop everywhere (Just KIDDING)
6. I'm crapping on the toilet while typing this...sorry...
7. I have a TV
8. I write in this blog. A lot.
9. I can't seem to remember how to spell anymore (and I used to rock at it) and now I use spell check all the time! Even for Tweets..
10. I don't drive. I have a phobia.
And finally the moment you've all be waiting for. Seven Bloggers!
1. Amanda at http://www.werdyab.com/ She is so awesome. She wrote a post that made me laugh so hard I almost cried...because as a mom I have totally been there. Check this post out http://www.werdyab.com/2012/04/latte-of-embarrassment.html
2. Shan at http://www.thecrowdednest.com/ She is such a fabulous writer. I just love reading her work. It's so well put together that if she ever came out with a book I would not hesitate to buy it!
3. Shosh at http://shvaygshosh.blogspot.ca/ I have only read two of her post, from two of her blogs. BUT I love how she tackles huge topics. She is amazing-o!!!
4. Dawn at http://www.happinesscubed.net/ She tells stories like nobodys business and without fail I am left wanting MORE.
5. Jen at http://mytornadoalley.com/ I know. I awarded her last week and I don't think she's into doing these award things because she's awesome and not at all in need of flashing her badges all over the place. But you know what? I don't care. Cause I like her. Check out her blog peeps because she is on my Roll for a reason and it's not because of Loyalty! It's cause she writes really WELL.
6. I can't find her name...so embarrassing yet here goes... "Mom" at http://www.treadingwaterinthekiddiepool.com/ I love her blog and she's totes probably not into these Meme's (look em up) either. But I don't care. I love her writing. I look forward to reading her!!
7. Vanessa at http://www.5thingsaboutnothingimportant.com She's so funny. You should check her out and read some of her gardening stories. Holy good god they make me laugh!
All rules followed. All peeps discovered. Booyeah biotches!


Vanessa said...

Thank you! I'm glad you've enjoyed my tales of gardening misery - someone should be kicking back with a beer while I slave away!

carrie said...

Don't worry I usually am. And then I read your blog and thank God I have a Strata who does all that crud for me LOL.

Dawn Beronilla said...

You rock! This made my day. :-)
I'm pretty sure this will earn you at least one full day of Super-Best-Friend status!

Thanks! :-)

carrie said...

SWEET super best friend status. Im soooo excited.

Jack said...

example cats attacking testicles as if they might be filled with catnip!

I might have to bleach my eyes after that image. Ouch.

carrie said...

Yes, she's awesome LOL. That made me wince too when she was talking about cat inflicted levels of pain.

Werdyab Blog said...

This post was hilarious! I loved reading your answers! You ROCK.

carrie said...

Hehe, glad you enjoyed!

Reanna said...

Blogger crushes... I love this life. Especially the part where I'm called a fool by a fellow crushee.

Catnip sac... so awesome. I wish I'd thought of that when I wrote the post. If I ever date again, that will be the test of love - catnip nut rub and his boys hang with my boys for an hour.

I never thought to bring MacGuyver to an Island - I always wanted a gun or a fully automated plane. Mostly the gun.

Canadian/Cascadia fault... are you on the Island or the mainland? I didn't realize I had blogger pal so close to me.

@Jack: Eye bleaching only means you can't see them coming. My boys are wily little bastards.

carrie said...

I'm on the mainland!! You are close to me. Please say you aren't a stuck up islander!!!

(Ps...I'm originally from Courtenay...)

Reanna said...

I'm in Vancouver. I love the Island and think I might retire there eventually, but for now Vancouver is so my city. I love this place.

carrie said...

Vancouver is awesome! The Island is beautiful too!

Shosh said...

What planet am I on? How did I just see this? Thanks Carrie! I'm glad you're enjoying my posts! I've only been to Quebec. I don't know how you feel about French Canadians...probably the same way I feel about people from California.

carrie said...

@ Shosh- AHAHAHA you are hilarious. I've never been to Quebec but I have heard they can be..um...not as nicely Canadian if you don't speak French. Course that could just be a rumour and not at all true... I do enjoy your posts. They are wicked.