Friday, June 29, 2012

The Inspiring Blogger Award

I was recently given the Inspiring Blogger Award by two, count em, TWO awesome bloggers - and on the same day too. People love me, they really love me!

I received the first (of the same) award from Pish, over at The Pish Posh! She's sweet, she's adorable, she's American and she loves Canadians. What can I say? She's got good taste! Go check her out - cause on top of everything I've said she's also funny and who couldn't use a good laugh in these END TIMES (I mean in the world today).

The second wicked blogger who awarded me is the hilarious creator of Write Rinse Repeat, Zannah. I'm fairly sure she goes unparalleled in the realm of the hilarious, not to mention that no one can compete with the crazy anecdotes she spews forth on twitter as easily as (well if I could spew forth anecdotes easily I could complete that sentence).

And this is what the two of them awarded me with, drum roll please....

Isn't it beautiful! Now as per the RULES - which musn't be broken for fear that I will lose my license to blog, I must now award this Wicked little award to 15 other bloggers (I've already thanked and linked back to the people who knighted me). Now usually I write little blurbs explaining every single bloggers niche of expertise but there is 15 of them. So just go check them out, okay? Thanks.

Yeah. Good Times.

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Clay Baboons

My Tornado Alley

Saalon Muyo

The Journey

The Dose of Reality

Zavtik Pregnancy

Creative Devolution


For the Love of Writing


Oh! Apparently I have to write SEVEN things you wouldn't know about me from my blog.

No. Because if its not here then I don't want you to know it.

But here are seven things I made up ( or did I?!)

1. I'm actually a Space Alien Princess sent here to save earth from the evil corporate empire it has become. Unfortunately I've been sidetracked by having kids. So I'm sorry to say, thanks to my children, the world is doomed.

2. I'm actually a famous author.

3. I'm a man.

4. The comic books series "Wonder Woman" was inspired by actual real life events of my grandmother's life.

5. I'm a cannibal

6. My husband is actually a part of a secret military installation that is doing its best to identify all parties of my Space Alien Race. My husband is an idiot - he does not know he's married to one.

7. I'm a billionaire - because I'm a Space Alien Princess and famous author.


Jen O. said...

Congrats again! And look at ME, getting all awardified by you again! You're literally the best and I mean that literally.

carrie said...

@Jen-I literally want to thank you for your literal interpretation of me. On a completely unrelated note (merely because you are Canadian) You know what my baby did to me the other day? Drank my entire cup of Tim Hortons coffee while I was zoned out on Twitter. I know you would understand the horror of that revelation. Hold me.

dot said...

hahahah i love you carrie! thanks you!!! and i can attest to the fact that you ARE indeed a canibal.

Renn @ The Big C and Me said...

Carrie, you are for sure THE BEST! What an awesome surprise to be gifted again by you — and on the heels of the Liebster Award (which I have yet to acknowledge)! thank you thank you thank you!!

I will pay it forward soon. I promise! xoxo

carrie said...

@Dot- Shhhh This was supposed to be a guessing game as to what was true and what wasn't. No biggie. There's still two things in my list that's completely true.

@Renn- You are awesome and TRULY and inspiration! Pay it forward when you have time! No rush :)

Pish Posh said...

Haha I'm not sweet at all I'm a huge jerk. For example? I just ate all the leftovers. Bf can fend for himself. Oh alright I'll make him pork chops. I'm a little sweet. I'm actually pretty awesome. Can I have some money from your billions please?

jillsmo said...

YAY!! Thank you!! :)

doseofreality said...

Oh my Gosh, I am SO FLATTERED and HONORED to have been chosen!! :):) Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

carrie said...

@Pish- I'll send you a cheque. ONE MILLION sorrys. Im not actual rich, that one IS a lie... I'm as sad as you.

@Jillsmo - welcome! :)

@dose- no probs. You are awesome!

Stephanie said...

So, is this that game where you say 6 lies and one truth? And we have to guess which one is true? Because I'd have to go with cannibal. Either that or space alien princess. It's really a toss-up.

carrie said...

@Stephanie- I'll give you one hint.

You're wrong.

Anonymous said...

Congrats and thank you big time for the shout out! You truly are a great writer and I am thankful to be able to experience and enjoy your work.

carrie said...

@Trez- Your welcome, and thank you! :)