Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Dear Daddy

Dear Daddy,

I've just turned one and I have a few requests for my first birthday year. Yes, as your little girl I intend on milking my birthday for an entire year. The first thing I would like to request (for the summer months at least) is that you stop treating me as though I were a premature infant. I promise daddy, that when I sleep at night I will not develop hypothermia. When It's 20 degree outside, I don't need my room to have the heat on. It's hard for me to sleep in a sauna. And may I point out that with it being the summer, and having my heat on (often turned to 20) I don't need three blankets placed on me. I think I'm at more danger of heat stroke than freezing to death. So I beg you to refrain from treating me as though I could turn into a human popsicle at any point during my sleep at night.

The second major request I have is that you stop flinching every time Gabriel comes running out of nowhere in my general direction. Sometimes I like to be tackled into submission while he gives me raspberries. It's really fun. I promise I'm not as breakable as you think just because I'm a girl. Pretty soon I will be bigger than Gabe and beating him up. You just watch and see. I'm one tough cookie.

Finally I would like to request that even with another baby on the way that you continue to spoil me. I have to admit I will be very jealous and will need lots of attention from you. After all, our relationship is special and I don't want it to ever change.

I love you daddy.

Your daughter,



Anonymous said...

Jack usually doesn't sleep with a blanket at all.. He doesn't seem to like them lol


carrie said...

Edie hates them too lol, which is why im always surprised to go into Edies room and find blankets in her bed (she always kicks them off). I never put blankets on her. It's just daddy. LOL.