Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Imaginarium of Gabriel Smart Assness

Gabriel has always had quite the imagination but it's taken on whole new levels recently. His pretend play has gone beyond his toys to include the use of his sister. When I say use of his sister I mean that in every literal sense of the word. It's not so much that he'll sit beside her and include her in a game of cars, or working at a puzzle. Instead he uses her as a prop in his pretend play (and shes rarely happy about it).

Some of his favourite games begin with the cushions on the red couch. He likes to pretend that hes not allowed to touch the floor and will jump from pillow to pillow with them. Edie loves this game because then she gets to climb on something nice and soft but it never turns out how she plans. Often she will become just another pillow in Gabe's play. Many times I will find Edie screaming beneath Gabe as he runs over top of her; foot squarely in her shoulder blades, her face mashed into the floor. I will tell Gabe to knock it off before he ends up in timeout and he always points at Edie as though she were the one causing all the troubles...smart ass.

Other times he uses the pillows as a place for pretend sleeping and if Edie gets too close he will insist she play with him. He will pick her up and force her to lay next to him. Her kicks and screams are completely ignored as hes laying the blanket on top of her, shushing her screams and pretend snoring in her ear. When I ask what he thinks he's doing, he runs to the light switch, turns the lights off, and tells me "don't" and shushes my apparent rudeness. Edie's trying to sleep after all...Smart ass.

The last game he has begun to play with her...at her, I call "Charles in Charge". Often times Gabriel decides that he needs to help me discipline Edie. If I ask Edie to stop touching the dirty dishes, or to stay out of a cupboard, or if she wanders into the bathroom to unroll some toilet paper, I will inevitably find Gabe trying to discipline her. His imagination dictating that he is as responsible as any adult...enough, at least, to be in charge of his little sister. If I tell him that it's inappropriate to discipline Edie, he shrugs as if saying "well you weren't doing anything about it"...Smart Ass.

As much as I look forward to hearing my son speak, I don't relish the day when his smart ass actions, turn into smart ass remarks.

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