Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Shout Out!

For all those who helped during my wedding and the week before, Scott and I really appreciate it. Some of the biggest help came from my maid of honour Lynsey, who not only took a week off so she could help with arrangements, but helped to save my sanity when I was at the end of my rope. She was awesome with the kids, and they really liked her, and Scott really appreciated how helpful she was with running messages back and forth for us. My step mom Teresa even commented on how nice it must be to have someone so proactive to help with the wedding! Thanks Lyns, you have no idea how much help you were to us! We won't forget it and Scott and I look forward to visiting with you again sometime soon!

I also want to say thank you to Teresa and dad for being so helpful with lending us their room to get ready in, for my dad who watched the kids so Scott and I could have a bachelor/bachelorette party, and for the pictures they took that will always remind us what a special day we had.

My sister's helped to make all our bouquets which was awesome, even if mine bit the dust in the fridge! And I'm glad Michelle was there to cinch me into my dress! My nephews were also of great help to watch my son during the reception (he was found wandering further and further from the reception hall by a friend of mine..that kid has issues with staying put!) By the way, thanks to Alena who recognized that my son probably shouldnt be running around on his own and brought him back for me!

My brother Jared stood up for Scott as a replacement for his best friend who just couldnt manage to get the time off work and I know Scott really appareciated that! We also want to thank the rest of the wedding party's help during our special day (Shaun and Krissy).

Finally I want to thank my mother and Jefferson (her husband) who made our invitations, set up the reception hall, and babysat my kids quite a few times, and who walked my daughter and son down the aisle. Without those special moments handled, our day would have been woefully incomplete! So there's an extra special thanks to you guys!!!

Thank you all for your time and effort, the day would not have gone as nicely or as smoothly without your help!


Carrie and Scott.

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