Saturday, March 27, 2010

Poop, Pee, Potty, Pull ups. P is for Pride.

The potty training for my recent two year old has commenced. I truly did not think he would take to it so soon. My plan was to get him off the bottle, then try potty training in a few months. But one morning he woke up and wanted to wear his big boy underwear and not his diaper. I agreed but said he would have to use the potty (fully expecting him to soil his underwear in the first half hour of wearing them). So imagine my surprise when after the first half hour passed his underwear was still clean, and even better than that...he peed in the potty all day that day without one accident! Well with such an unbelievably good start I had to face the fact that potty training before bottle weaning had begun and if I turned back now he may never be as receptive to the potty again!

In the past week there has been a few accidents, each taken lightly and with a grain of salt. I do get him to help me clean it up and he acts like its the most disgusting thing in the world but I just tell him that it's his accident and hes a big boy and he can help mommy with his mess. I make sure I don't shame him in anyway and theirs always a giant celebration, a farewell good bye when the potty is emptied and a sweetheart candy as a reward. I'm so proud of him and intensely sad at the same time. He is truly becoming a boy, his baby days are nearly behind him...behind us.

And then there is my little girl Edie. She has become quite the personality and makes me laugh on a daily basis. Her favourite facial expression is the nose wrinkle with quick little breaths blown in and out of its new, wrinkled shape. She also sticks out her tongue to one side when concentrating or in a goofy mood, or while in the throws of her nose wrinkled escapades. Her constant nose wrinkling is only matched by her newly discovered need to clap and dance to any music (even my horrid, out of tune rendition of Old McDonald). And she LOVES to mimic people, especially her big brother. If Gabe screams, she screams! If Gabe coughs, she coughs! If Gabe laughs, she laughs! If Gabe falls, she laughs harder...until he bruised from top to bottom from all his pratfalls just because he has an audience that thinks he's hilarious.

As much as those two entertain eachother, they also annoy eachother just as quick. Edie has tons of toys but the only one she wants to play with are the ones Gabe is currently playing with, which of course only enrages him. Today Gabe was sitting beside Edie doing his favorite Bah (bob cat) puzzle and Edie kept picking up the pieces he had managed to get together. He finally snatched the pieces out of her hand, looked her straight in the eye while pointing at his puzzle and said "EE EE, Don Tah" (Edie, Don't Touch...for anyone who doesnt speak Toddler!). It was amazing to hear a full sentence come out of his mouth, and even more amazing that he was so gentle about telling her no.

I know it's so typical of any mom to constantly exclaim how wonderful her kids are, but I cant help but speak the truth. I really lucked out with my kidlets. Everyday they amaze me...and I am so very proud of them. And I will never stop telling them that...or anyone else who happens to be within a 100 foot radius.



Jess said...

Way to go, Gabey man child.
I hope you don't post any poop pictures.
Love Jess. xxx

carrie said...

LMAO, nope no poop pics!