Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Dear Broder

Dear Broder.

Mum said you were turnen two soon and I shood wish you a happy birfday. First I wood like to rekwest that you do a few things. One, pleese stop biteing my hurts...and im not yet strong enuf to kick you in the face and reelly make you cry, but when I am...well cunsidr this your warneen. second, I wood apreesheate it if you wood stop tradeing me toys every 2 minits...I like the wun I have...I dont want yers so you can play with mine. third, I wood like you to stop makeing mom crazy, shes scarie when shes jumping up and down, pacing,and muddereen like an eskaped insane assylum pristner. Finallie, stop pushing me over. I know Im not balinsed as well as you, and in yer ohpinyon its hillAIReus to watch me fall over, but I dont enjoey my head bounceing off the floor like the bals you love to chase.

All so there are a few things I wood love to ask you to continyou to do. One, scream until yer horse in order to make me laff! Two, hug me and call me baby when im sad! And lastlie, please continyou to give me your food behind mommy's back...a specially yer juise!

Luv yer baby sister

Happy Birfday



Anonymous said...


Might wanna change your "continue" spelling.. look at it carefully.. hehehe..


Jessica said...

Very sweet:) I always wonder what they're thinking...

carrie said...

HAHAHAHAHHA I just realized not only was there a naughty word in there it was also extra weird with the In You, after it. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. okay. Dually noted, and changed.

Anonymous said...

Ok, just making sure ;)