Sunday, March 21, 2010


I'm so lucky. I really am. I know there are some women (and men) out there who think stay at home moms are crazy, lazy, or mentally disturbed. Why stay home when the women before me fought so hard for equal rights, fought to make it out of the home, and fought to have their voices heard? I stay home because it's my choice, because im not bound by finances (thanks to my hubby), and because I can't imagine anyone raising my children but me or Scott. Now don't get me wrong, im not knocking women who go back to work after having kids, most of the time there is no choice, the world today dictates a dual income home, and some women just can't imagine spending day in and day out changing dirty diapers, wiping snotty noses, while wandering the house with a messy bun, and the always attractive baggy pajama pants and tank top. For some people, the thought is cringe inducing, but I couldnt imagine not doing this...

I'm well aware I look like crap most days (i'll admit it), I dont bother with make up, or doing my hair with any sort of effort (the curling iron and straightener days are long over), and the visitors to my home are lucky if I raise my arms and they aren't greeted with an amazon of underarm hair...which could be braided, beaded, and have their own 70's theme song! I know I neglect myself a fair bit in the attempt to have a home clean enough that I can answer the door to a neighbour without trying to make my self 3 feet taller and 4 feet wider in order to hide the mess behind me. It's also a success if I manage to keep the kids not only alive, but somehow farther along in their development than they were the day before. It's a much more concerted and forced effort to stay in tune with Scott, our need for intimacy put off until the kids are sleeping or are old enough to live on their own...But as in all relationships there is compromise (I don't mention the disturbing nature of Scotts unkempt, pterodactyl like toenails, and he ignores the fact my leg hair is longer than his).

But that's the nature of the beast. My choice is to put so much time and effort into my family that sometimes i forget, or am too tired to pamper myself, but truthfully I wouldnt have it any other way! And as for a makeup less face, a messy bun, and wearing sweats and a tee, I gotta say, Scott still enjoys me! I think being due in Novemeber with baby number three speaks to this. And I will enjoy raising him or her as much as I do raising Gabriel and Eden.

(PS, there is only a select few who read my blog, so please no post on facebook about the new pregnancy! Thanks friends)

And going to be fat for my wedding...but at least it will be with a baby bump and not from stress eating...or at least that's what I'll claim!

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awesome once again Carrie!