Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Im SO sick

There hasn't been much blogging from me lately because about a week and a half ago my brood and I came down with a bad cold/flu. Im not sure who gave it to us but im pretty sure that person can go burn in hell (and hopefully while experiencing the dark, fiery, pits of hell they have an annoying cough that they just cant seem to shake, with a fever and runny nose!). I'm not sure who infected us but I think we caught it from tumble time...stupid parents bringing their sick kids so they can infect everyone! Use your heads people. Sick kids = ISOLATION. Lets not spread the wealth...Well unless you're me and you drag your kids to a family reunion because they dont happen every week like tumble time, and its your son's birthday and you want him surrounded by family, and... OKay, maybe im a hypocrite, but Gabe taught me a lesson I wont soon forget!

After watching Gabe throw tantrum after tantrum I have decided NEVER to travel with sick kids again. Gabe was so tired, and so sick that everything pissed him off or made him cry...I'm sure by the end of the weekend everyone (including Scott and I) was pretty tired of Gabe's antics, even understanding the cause! Truthfully theres only so many tantrums any parent can take before horrible thoughts of bathtub drownings or side of the road drop offs start to creep into your imagination. Thankfully we all made it out of that weekend alive, but due to Gabe's cold and having to share his birthday with my mom and grandpa, his party was a dud and kinda lame. My moms present to her dad kind of stole his thunder so Scott and I are giving him a proper birthday tonight, with a few more gifts, a cake, a song, and lots of attention and picture taking. Poor Gabey the baby, luckily you dont quite understand what a birthday is yet or im sure if would have resulted in one more tantrum meltdown.

Hope everyone's weekend was better than mine...and FYI...Two year olds with colds...does equal the terribleness of Mussolini.

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