Tuesday, November 24, 2009

i love you

So boob day has arrived. I probably wont get answers today, but when I do I hope the answers are good. I hope its a cyst,in fact, there's an 80 percent probability that it is a benign little lump. Those are some damn good odds. But it's still scary for me; I'll admit it. This journey these past few months hasn't been particularly easy. I never thought about death and sickness too much until this happened and the one thing I have learned is to remember to say "I love you". A fundamental lesson for the ages...hardly...but its still a good one. Being angry and annoyed comes so easily, especially for tired mom's and sometimes its inevitable. I'm not saying that its wrong to feel those things, I'm just saying those things don't need to be held onto for as long as I do at times. I've learned to let go a little, to laugh stuff off, to say my "I love you's" because you never know when it will be the last time you say it, and you always know that when you do say it, it makes the day a little brighter.

I love you Scott, I love you Gabriel, I love you Eden.

I love you because you inspire me towards things I never knew were possible. So for the few who read this blog, before you go to bed tonight, say an extra special I love you to the people who inspire you. They deserve it.


Jess said...

You could be the cutest mom ever.

carrie said...

Only rivaled by you my dear! And Alena, and Mandy...and any other mom who reads this blog...You all rock in your own little ways LOL! OH and my own mother...I didnt forget...well nearly.