Saturday, November 21, 2009

Count down to B day (Boob day)

So it's coming up..B day...the test I've been longing for as well as dreading. The ultrasound of the lump in my breast. I'm not looking forward to stripping down to the waist for an hour but its a necessary evil in order to gain some answers. I hope the answers are good ones. I need to be healthy for my kids. They need me. No one knows them like I do, takes care of them like I do, loves them like I do. So the answers just need to be good. No bad conclusions allowed!

In unrelated news I think my house is slightly haunted. I've been seeing shadows out of the corner of my eyes at night (easily explained away) until I saw a man staring at me through my back door ( I have glass french doors that lead to a back patio) and then he walked to the right and disappeared! At first I assumed I had scared off an intruder...until I realized that in order to move to his right he would have to walk through our old TV and its box, a double stroller and patio furniture...That's a hell of a lot harder to explain away! So now i jump at the littlest thing. Scott of course insists on torturing me. He throws things when I'm not looking to make me jump, gasps at inappropriate times, stares at things behind me, everything short of screaming boo! What a jerk wad! I hope he gets the bejesus scared out of him by the shadow man (that's what I've decided to call him). Although he makes fun of me and wouldn't readily admit it, hes experienced some bizarre phenomena as well.He has witnessed Gabe chatting with something that isn't there, and has felt cold spots while in the kitchen. He believes that I've seen the shadow man and he also finds it a little weird that Gabe will laugh, play and chat with invisible things (are imaginary friends possible at such a young age?)

For a while now Gabe goes up to play in his room but recently he has begun talking to himself OR someone else while hes in there. (the lights just flickered while I've been typing this..something they've been doing on a regular basis for the past few months) And the other day I caught him playing peek a boo with something I couldn't see. Whoever the person is they don't seem to be threatening at all. Gabe thinks the person is hilarious. So I guess that's good but its still freaky as hell to see such weird behaviour from my children, even Edie follows something with her eyes and giggles at inappropriate times. But shes a baby and does a lot of unexplainable things...Gabe and his invisible peek a boo buddy is a lot more unsettling.

Scott thinks that if there is a ghostly shadow man visiting us that it might be someone who was in the military. The neighbourhood we live in was built on the old military base and all the refurbished houses next to us are military homes. So I guess if there was going to be ghosts in our town, this is where you would find them and I suppose if they were going to haunt a family they would pick a military one... or perhaps a family whose one member is RCMP and trains at the part of the base which is still owned and operated by the Canadian Forces... I just wish they would go find someone else to visit. I'm on edge enough as it is! Who knows, maybe I'm crazy...but maybe I'm not.

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