Thursday, August 19, 2010

Gabe Poops. Edie Dances.

It seems Gabe is over his potty striking! He does one and twos in the toilet now with very little fuss. The only problem I'm having right now is transferring him to underwear. For whatever reason he thinks underwear is a diaper. So although he wont have accidents if he's naked, he will with clothes on. Go figure. So I think I will keep him naked for a few weeks then slowly try and switch him to undies.

After every successful potty achievement we empty his potty into the toilet, rinse it out, then dance our arses off while I sing "Gabe peed/pooed in the potty". Gabe does a wild and crazy dance while trying to sing with me and Edie points her fingers in the air, sticks her little tongue out, then shakes her bootie while running in circles. I always laugh at her dancing, its hilarious! Then we all clap and return to whatever activities we were interrupted from.

Edie is making strides in her own independence as well. She sits at the table in the booster seat now while we eat, she can drink from a cup (not a sippy cup, a real cup) and she uses a spoon and fork without many issues. I just can't believe how quick they grow up. Pretty soon they'll be 25 year olds, raising their own families, and I'll be the old fart whose good for babysitting and cooking family dinners. I look forward to it though!

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