Monday, January 31, 2011

My Husband.

I have spoken at length about my children and the pride I feel in knowing them, raising them, loving them, but there is another person in my life who is also just as special to me in a much different but equally important way. I could speak in similes, colloquialisms and romantic, foreign words to describe our love affair, but the truth is much simpler...he's my best friend. 

Scott and I have a respect for each other that time has not diminished over the four years we have been together. We rarely speak a cross word to one another and the fights we do have are usually spurned on by the exhaustion of having three kids in three years. The truth is I still miss him when he leaves for work, I still worry about him if he's late from work, and I'm just as ecstatic as my kids ("DAD'S HOME!) when he finally walks through the door!

Not many people know who Scott is. I would say I'm truly the only individual (besides our own children) who has been allowed into his inner world. At first Scott may come off as a shy, quiet individual, but in reality he's a good listener and enjoys observing for a while before participating. Unfortunately for Scott, his ability to listen without interruption can  be misinterpreted as a disinterest in what you have to say. I myself have been caught asking him to repeat the last thing I just said (convinced he wasn't paying attention) only to have him tell me verbatim our entire conversation.

Scott is also very genuine. He says what he means and he means what he says. You won't meet another individual quite as beautifully, simple as Scott. There isn't any hidden meanings behind his words, if he compliments you he means it, and if he criticizes you, you deserve it. He doesn't mince words, he doesn't beat around the bush and to his credit he's never rude. It's difficult to be a person who speaks their mind while still keeping peoples feelings intact. But I think it's because he takes to heart the saying "if you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all". Sometimes Scott's silence can say more than words ever could.

And best of all he is a great father.  He is the kids best playmate and he can get them to laugh and scream wildly more than any other person. He finds amusement in their antics and his booming laugh can be heard frequently throughout the day. Of course he also enjoys a good cuddle and will hold Puck for hours, or snuggle Edie for as long as she'll allow, and although Gabe is much too active to sit still for any length of time, there are occasions when he'll let his daddy put him to bed; and if you were allowed to peak you would see a father stroking his son's head until his eyes slowly closed and he drifted off to sleep. I like to think that I'm the glue that holds us all together, that without me the house would fall apart, but in reality Scott is the foundation we have all grown upon, and it is his strength that has seen this family blossom.

Love you babe!

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Anonymous said...

you are so lucky Carrie and he's lucky to have you. That was beautiful and something I am sure he will carry with him forever.