Friday, January 14, 2011

Motherly Musings

As my youngest son was breastfeeding tonight he gagged and spat up on my nipple (no blow to the ego there) and I realized that as mothers we learn to accept and ignore a lot of previously disgusting things. Four years ago if someone had barfed on my nipple it would not have been a pleasant experience to say the least... now as I'm wiping baby vomit off my breast I'm thinking "his face was priceless...I wish Scott could have seen that".... why in God's name would Scott want to see Puck barf on my boob? Clearly as parents we see past the grossness right to the ironic, amusing, or cute when it comes to one of our children.

Four years ago I would not have found it ironic if someone had peed on my Christmas tree, but when my daughter does it on a Christmas that was very difficult for us (because of Puck's Congenital Heart Defect) then I see the irony immediately and even appreciate it. Four years ago I would not have found it amusing to watch someone trek poo all over my hardwood floors, but when my oldest child steps in his sisters diaper on accident (Scott was in the middle of changing her), and then gets the tab of said diaper attached to his blanket, and runs from the shouts of  "No, NO Gabe STOP" then suddenly I'm chuckling while mopping the poo off the floor. And four years ago I definitely would not have found it cute if someone I knew farted so loud it sounded as though they had a ripped a hole in the space time continuum...but when my newborn does it, suddenly its flippin adorable.

I'm not entirely sure when gross turned into the story I tell at dinner parties...but I can assure you that this is why parents are friends with other parents...because only they will laugh at the disgusting antics of your kids...the rest of your friends will just look at you as though you have lost your mind. And truth be told you probably have...if you remained sane then getting through a day filled with pee, poo and barf would just not be possible.


Anonymous said...

I know exactly what you mean! I never thought I'd be congratulating someone for pooping, or perfectly fine with being peed on (heading to grandma dolls for boxing day, I was changing Brooke's diaper in the car and she peed on my crotch :P Looked like I'd peed myself, I will now remember to bring a change of clothes for myself as well as her for outings!)

carrie said...

LOL. Awesome! I admit I have never needed a change of pants! Shirts for sure though!

Anonymous said...

what's even weirder, these are the stories I read to my girlfriends at work..laughing and so proud. It doesn't end with being just goes on..


TracyKM said...

Totally agree. I'll also extend it to puppy, on Sunday, my puppy (9months) ate a USED pantyliner. No sign of it anywhere. Ick.

carrie said...

LMAO! My dog used to eat my pantyliners too! Yuck!