Monday, August 31, 2009


Well it seems these days that crying is all my children seem to do. I'm sure this is an exaggeration at least regarding Gabriel, but Eden just never seems to stop crying during the day. I've tried so many different things it ridiculous and nothing seems to work. I've tried Oval, Bio Gaia, tummy massages, leg pumping, jiggling, walking, rocking, singing, cooing and she responds to none of it (unless its to cry even harder). Finally I have come to realize that perhaps her colic is directly tied to my breast milk. The only thing I can think is that since Gabe is lactose intolerant, so is Edie. So goodbye milk, cheese, butter...anything dairy for me. SO sad since i absolutely love my fiber one cereal in the morning and my cool glass of milk at dinner. I have also decided that she won't be doing all day feeding marathons anymore and through research I have discovered that babies do this when they are not receiving enough hind milk. SO in order to stop the all day feeding marathons i have to keep her to one breast every time she wants a top up or a suckle. I just find it weird that she has such a difficult time during the day but feeds and sleeps like a champ at night. I just hope that with the new routine of a lactose free diet for me and top ups from the same breast for her we can beat the colic and thus the incessant crying.

If I can prevent her from screaming all day I can prevent Gabriel from the tantrums he is now throwing on a regular basis due to the severe lack of time I get to spend with him. I feel so guilty neglecting him and I try and spend as much time with him when Scott's home, which doesn't amount to very much since Edie has decided she hates Scott. I'm not exaggerating, not even a little. She can be completely content in her chair or in my arms and the minute she is held by Scott, literally within a minute, she resumes her hysterical crying once more. Truthfully I think Edie is having a bit of colic due to lower gastrointestinal issues but I also think its partially personality. She is so attached to me that she can be sound asleep and if she wakes, even just briefly, to see that I am not in the room she will cry. If shes held by anyone else, she cries. If I leave her line of sight for a brief period of time, she cries. Now I love that she loves me, but this is becoming ridiculous. At this rate she will be living in my home until shes 40 because god forbid she spend more than a nanosecond on her own.

Now I know shes only two months old and my patience should not be wearing as thin as it is but Gabriel was so different as a baby. He was the most serene, laid back, baby who ever lived. It took quite a bit to make him cry, he was always so happy. Just such a good baby that I jokingly referred to him as "bad baby"; of course as with all things, he found this alliteration hilarious. SO in comparison its hard to have a baby who is upset the majority of the time, although in those rare instances during the day that she smiles, and coos, it makes all of it worth it.

God knows I love my kids, now if one could love me a bit less I think the household would be a little happier ;)


Jess said...

I found Rowan to be way more challenging than Avery was in the beginning. Super gassy, mommy sucky. Coming into her third month, I noticed she was easing up a bit on me. I still can't eat onions, broccoli, beans... boo!
I totally know how you feel about neglecting your Gabe man. I find sitting on the floor really works most times. Nurse, and read a book, or just being on Avery's level can really change her. Although, she's started climbing and scaling, and nursing 24/9, I can't always stop her. You know saying don't touch, and they do anyway.
Do you try wearing Eden? I find with the second baby, life keeps going, and she always wants to cuddle during me making food times. So, I wear her, and get the jobs done. She had a hard time being by herself too, but persistence paid off.
I feel your pain, and although I haven't experienced full blown colic, I sympathise with very gassy babies, and cab only tell you it will get easier, and I'm out here going through pretty much the exact same challenges as you!

carrie said...

I have not tried wearing her yet but I have just bought a back pack thingy to do just that. i have tried it out and she absolutely loves it. I told Scott i needed something because shes the worst around dinner time but I cant not make dinner in order to merely cuddle her. I got Gabe to feed lol. Im glad that you have found its easier with time, and with just a few days into our new routine of me off dairy and her topping up with the same breast I have cut her crying in half. Thank god! And Im so glad someone else I know is dealing with the same thing and is a few months further into than me, makes me see theres a light at the end of the infant tunnel! :)