Sunday, July 24, 2011

Dear Husband


It's been a whole year since we got married. It was probably the hardest of our lives together, and I sincerely hope it's the one year we can look back on and say, "It was then...I knew we'd make it".

One year ago my biggest worry was whether the hall of my reception would be decorated properly. Four short months later I was wondering what was wrong with my newborn son. One year ago I was fussing over my hair and makeup, and being angry that my nails weren't booked properly. Four short months later I was fussing over our baby during his weigh ins and echo cardiograms and being angry that it was my child. One year ago I was standing in front of you promising a million little things that I thought mattered...Four short months later the things that truly did matter were revealed in the harshest manner.

When despair overtook me, when my fear no longer allowed even tears to fall, you did what you always do; you put on a brave face, told me things would be fine, and you made me a million little promises that really did matter.

You took my hand in yours and promised to never let go.

We went to all his appointments together and you promised we would never stop fighting.

During the bleakest nights and the harshest mornings you promised me the world, allowed me the highest hope... and then perhaps foolishly, but lovingly, you promised me his life.

There has never been a man greater than you. This year together has proved it.

I love you husband.



Anonymous said...

so very cool Carrie! Just beautiful...


Patty said...

Aww, lovely pic of both of you. You guys have been through two drastic occasions. I had no idea your newborn health issues came around four months later. I am glad there was a happy ending within one year for you!
Happy Anniversary!

carrie said...

thank you Patty! Life has been challenging, but not impossible. Scott gives me strength and love, and he understands fully what it all felt like and so it bonded us in a way i never expected. I suspect though, you feel this way about your husband as well.

Flower Patch Farmgirl said...

Beautiful. Marriage is every bit a journey, no? Those dark days knit us together.

carrie said...

Yes it does. The dark days, illuminate the best days, in ways we could not have imagined.